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CD Reviews : Tyson Ailshie The Send Off CD Review
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In Remembrance of: Benjamin Henry, Eva Burrell, Eric Paul Jackson, Bertha Smith, Leon Guitry, Jackie Hall
By Richard on Janvary 06, 2011

Tyson Ailshie hails from Denver, Colorado, where he writes and performs straight ahead jazz music in trio and due settings as a group leader. Combining original compositions with deep grooves and intimate settings of eclectic jazz standards, he is beginning to make a name for himself in the Denver area, having performed most recently at Regis University, FRCC’s Art Gallery Series, ACC’s Waring Theater, Dazzle, The Twisted Olive, The D Note Jazz Festival. Mr. Ailshie released his first EP length CD entitled The Send Off, in December 2010, featuring original, straight ahead jazz trio and duo tracks on the Duo Music Records label. Now in Ailshie’s album The Send Off, he will make an even bigger statement with Serafin Sanchez on tenor saxophone, Antwon Owens on drums, Brad Goode on trumpet and Tyson Ailshie on double bass.

The first track begins with a brief drum introduction in Beg To Differ. Next comes a melody that is played by both the saxophone and bass while the drums end the phrases of this melody. You hear the bass solo that is swinging and grooving in spectacular fashion while you hear the saxophone in the background, adding another layer of unexpected sound. Then you hear an outstanding series of virtuoso playing on bass that sounds remarkable. Tyson makes his notes slide at one point. Antwon’s drum solo is in constant exciting motion as it uses the cymbals for amazing effect. Then you have the saxophone solo that plays well crafted melodic phrases.

A funky, exhilarating vibe is heard in the second track Double Entendre heard on drums and bass. The bass solo makes you feel a surge of energy with effortless playing that’s supported by the drums. Creativity shines here as Tyson is in a musical zone playing fantastic lines. The bass is used to its full potential in a way that you hardly ever hear jazz bassists do. This is a foot stomping, hand clapping tune that makes you want to move to the music, which it does. A wonderful duet sound is heard throughout the whole piece by the bass and drums.

The musical energy is felt as soon as the fourth track Somethin’ Fine begins. A pleasant, smooth melody by Serafin Sanchez is heard on the saxophone. The instruments are in harmony with one another like clockwork. You can hear the bass clearly with notes that are always active. The saxophone solo sings with tones that are clear and have amazing balance. Repeated notes are heard that the saxophone and bass plays together with a drum solo between phrases of their notes. An interested rhythm on drums accompany the bass solo that’s filled with dynamic phrases.

A swinging bass introduction sets up Brad Goode on trumpet who plays dazzling music lines in the fifth track DLA Blues. On the trumpet, you can hear the trumpet playing with incredibly clear tones who is accompanied by Tyson on bass. High, bright notes on the trumpet that descend have a nice punch to them. Impressive triplets in the bass solo require amazing control and Tyson pulls it off. Sustained tones are heard on the trumpet that are played with feeling. This piece features a load of variety from the bass and trumpet. A duo of bass and trumpet is heard through the entire piece.

The Send Off is an exhilarating force of sound that presents a musical treat for jazz fans. Now people can further know who Tyson Ailshie is and that he deserves to be listened to. The excitement of this album is amazing as well as the musical lines that are relentless in constant motion. All of the instruments come together and play the music that is based on total skill and musicality. Tyson shows us why he is one of the dynamic jazz bassists with his prominent sound and talent. You need to listen to The Send Off today and experience phenomenal jazz playing.

Tyson Ailshie The Send Off CD Review
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