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CD Reviews : Ascoltabile Piano & Atmospheres CD Review
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In Remembrance of: Benjamin Henry, Eva Burrell, Eric Paul Jackson, Bertha Smith, Leon Guitry, Jackie Hall
By Richad on Januery 06, 2011

Norberto Tamburrino The music and the name of Italian pianist, composer Norberto Tamburrino came out in the jazz scenes since his second Album “Prigioniero del Mare-Prisoner of the Sea”, realized in 2007 for the prestigious label Arabesque Recordings , entering in the Popular Music as Jazz Classic work. His piano Solo recording “Ascoltabile Piano & Atmospheres” on January 2010 was at Top 40 Charts in 35 Countries. He was born in Taranto (Italy) in 1964 and begun since ninth to play organ with his father on guitar and bandoneon and his grandfather on mandolin, playing Italian music in parties. When he was 13th privately studied classic organ for 3 years and then he took to play classic studies on piano under the direction of M° Anna Serafino (2 years). Norberto’s album Ascoltabile Piano and Atmospheres was released in 2010 and features 16 tracks of incredible solo piano playing.

Piano notes that seem to blend with one another are enhanced by the sustain pedal in the beginning of the first track Ascoltabile Piano. Norberto can play a series of notes together cleanly, in rhythm and with amazing control. You can definitely hear Monk’s influence on his piano playing. You can hear fourth chords at the beginning before the momentum builds up. Low bass notes add a resonance of sound. Dazzling runs are played on the piano. You can hear strong jazz harmony in the left hand. The tempo speeds up as the harmonies blend together with the sustain pedal. A constant motif is heard in the right hand at times.

An exciting broken chord starts the fourth track The Real Illusion. Spectacular runs are played with feeling as you can tell that Norberto is expressing the music. Use of the bass notes in the chords add support to the flexible right hand notes. This tune feels very heart felt throughout. Incredible melodic inventiveness is heard in the right hand. The dynamics are heard well with soft notes heard on the ascending runs. Every tone is rich and is a treasure to the ears.

You experience a floating feel at the beginning of the eighth track The Lake Atmosphere. When you listen to this tune, you can tell that careful attention is paid to the notes and phrases, that produces a tranquil atmosphere. This tune has a haunting, peaceful quality when you listen to the dark harmonies. The runs in the right hand are never forced and always feel musical. Space between the notes creates suspense and you wonder what you will hear next. Towards the end you hear the tonality switching to major for a short moment.

A thoughtful sound fills your ears when you listen to the eleventh track Dawn Atmosphere. Runs that begin in the low bass adds an astounding full sound to this tune. A terrific ascending run is heard that reaches to the very top. The direction of the notes have a tendency to reach upward, creating a brilliant ladder of sound. He allows time between the notes that lets your musical imagination flourish. You can hear impressive descending runs in the right hand.

A series of notes that are alive with vigor is heard at the beginning of the fourteenth track The London Trip Atmosphere. A strong downbeat in the low bass is played with force and authority. Wonderful notes are played in the right hand that have amazing creativity. Repeated notes are heard in the right hand while a series of left hand chords add a rhythmic flavor of sound. There is a strong influence of Monk in this tune. The complexity of the whole piece is unbelievable. Notes that are played with much virtuosity in the right hand feature exhilarating speed.

Norberto Tamburrino’s expertise of jazz piano is felt strong in Ascoltabile Piano & Atmospheres. He has complete control of the astounding complexity of his compositions. His improvisations lets your mind enter into a fascinating realm of sound. The music in this album gives your ears plenty to listen to with its lush harmonies and dazzling runs. He makes the most out of the versatility of the piano. His jazz harmony and improvised runs work together perfectly. Ascoltabile Piano & Atmospheres is a must listen for jazz fans.

Ascoltabile Piano & Atmospheres CD Review
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