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CD Reviews : Reflection(S) On Monk CD Review
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In Remembrance of: Benjamin Henry, Eva Burrell, Eric Paul Jackson, Bertha Smith, Leon Guitry, Jackie Hall
By Richard Henry on January 06, 2011

Norberto Tamburrino The music and the name of Italian pianist, composer Norberto Tamburrino came out in the jazz scenes since his second Album “Prigioniero del Mare-Prisoner of the Sea”, realized in 2007 for the prestigious label Arabesque Recordings , entering in the Popular Music as Jazz Classic work. His piano Solo recording “Ascoltabile Piano & Atmospheres” on January 2010 was at Top 40 Charts in 35 Countries. He was born in Taranto (Italy) in 1964 and begun since ninth to play organ with his father on guitar and bandoneon and his grandfather on mandolin, playing Italian music in parties. When he was 13th privately studied classic organ for 3 years and then he took to play classic studies on piano under the direction of M° Anna Serafino (2 years). His 2009 release Reflections(S) On Monk features 9 tracks with J.D. Allen on tenor saxophone, Joseph Lepore on bass, Bruce Cox on drums, Francesco Mariella on bass and Norberto Tamburrino on piano and keyboards.

A mysterious sound on the piano hits your ears to start the opening track The Room Of Illumination. While the piano plays wonderful notes and ominous chords, J.D. Allen on saxophone plays clever musical phrases. You can hear some background effects as well. When the phenomenal rhythm kicks in, you can feel the impact of the amazing lines on piano. The saxophone solo adds a terrific effect to the overall mood of the music. On piano, Norberto keeps the music flow moving with brilliant playing. The piano solo has an enormous jazz vocabulary. Electronic sounds add an incredible effect to the entire tune.

At the beginning of the third track The Latin Way Of Freedom, a piano introduction adds a flurry of notes that has incredible virtuosity. Bruce Cox plays some great sounding rhythms on drum that provides the character for this tune. The bass seems to be playing some of the bass notes continuously in certain sections that are minor seconds that feels very exotic. In the saxophone solo, the tones are played with great energy. The drum solo does not fail to bring the same potent feel that’s heard throughout the piece. This tune does have an outstanding Latin feel and sound.

The sixth track Good Times Of Lucy begins with the amazing piano playing of Norberto with low bass notes which are dramatic. While this is going on, the drummer plays around with the cymbals lightly. This tune has a dignified, passionate sound. You can hear a recurring minor second in the left hand of the piano. The drums add a swing beat during the piano solo. A fast cluster of notes are heard at times during Norberto’s solo. The piano left hand voicing are very rhythmic and add a great punch to the music.

Astonishing piano playing is heard at the beginning of the eighth track Situazione Tipica Autunnale, a solo piano piece. The chords of the piano always seem to add an impressive layer of sound that drowns your ears with fantastic tones. When the piano is improvising, you can hear an endless variety of exciting melodic lines. The piano playing is brisk and gives you a lot to listen to. An enjoyable vibe is heard in this tune that is both mysterious and an attention grabber.

Norberto shows you that he has mastered jazz in the solo piano and ensemble format. The wonderful assortment of improvised lines and active jazz chords bring these compositions to life. You definitely cannot forget Joseph Lepore and Francesco Mariella on bass who are always on top of their game. The fires of musical energy are felt in this album that translates into a musical delight for the listener. Norberto projects true love for jazz music through his playing and has the right touch for jazz piano. Reflections(S) On Monk needs to be in your jazz CD collection.

Reflection(S) On Monk CD Review
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