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News : Kenmore East High School Jazz Band Compete In Competition
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In Remembrance of: Benjamin Henry, Eva Burrell, Eric Paul Jackson, Bertha Smith, Leon Guitry, Jackie Hall
By Richard Henry on March 6, 2010

The Manhattan School of Music hosted the Charles Mingus Competition in which the Kenmore East High School Jazz band performed. This incredible opportunity was received with ongoing excitement. The students were ecstatic when they heard the news about the this incredible opportunity.

When colored musicians could not get a union card, they could not perform in many of the clubs in Buffalo. The Colored Musicians Club’s origins date back to these days and became incorporated in May 14, 1935.

Only three high school bands nationwide were accepted to compete in the prestigious competition’s finals. After recording their demo at the Colored Musicians Club, the Kenmore band was chosen to compete. There are weekly performances at the Colored Musicians Club by house bands.

This was a great opportunity for the band to connect with jazz on a historical front.

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