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In Remembrance of: Benjamin Henry, Eva Burrell, Eric Paul Jackson, Bertha Smith, Leon Guitry, Jackie Hall
By Richard Henry on August 18, 2010

featuring Joe Lovano and Judi Silvano
featuring Eddie Palmieri and Randy Brecker

New York, August 17, 2010 - On August 17, 2010 Half Note Records officially releases new works by Kenny Werner and Conrad Herwig. Both musicians are long-standing members of the Half Note family. These recordings expand their creative reach.

The CD's are available in all major retail and digital outlets.

Kenny Werner - "No Beginning, No End"

This highly anticipated work is Mr. Werner's fourth for Half Note. It is an orchestral work - classical and jazz - dedicated to the memory of his 16 year-old daughter Katheryn, who died unexpectedly in 2006. Werner calls it "the most important music I will ever write".

The title track consists of five-movements written for a 40-piece orchestra and earned Mr. Werner a 2010 Guggenheim Fellowship Award. Also featured is a 40 member vocal choir, a string quartet, and an improvised piece, named Coda, highlighting Mr. Werner on piano. The album's featured soloists are saxophonist Joe Lovano, lauded in Downbeat's Critics Poll this year, and singer Judi Silvano.

A host of Mr. Werner's peers have called "No Beginning No End" a masterwork. Among them,

Dave Liebman, Lee Konitz, Gil Goldstein, Randy Brecker and Maria Schneider.

Jeff Levenson, Half Note's Executive Vice President and album producer, says, "This music comes from a place both deep and personal and it signifies a milestone in Kenny's artistic development. For years he's been recognized as a singular talent whose advanced teachings and pianism have enriched the lives of many. Now he takes a giant creative leap offering us a composition of major proportions."
For further information and to view videos please go to .

Track Information:
1. Death Is Not The End
2. Loved Ones
3. The God Of Time
4. Astral Journey
5. We Three
6. Visitation: Waves of Unborn
7. Cry Out
8. Coda

Conrad Herwig - "The Latin Side of Herbie Hancock"
Mr. Herwig continues his "Latin Side..." series with his fourth release on Half Note, highlighting the music of iconic jazz pianist, Herbie Hancock. This current project follows a formidable tally of credits: three Grammy nominations, two of which represent the Half Note recordings, "Another Kind of Blue - The Latin Side of Miles Davis" and "The Latin Side of Wayne Shorter."

"The Latin Side of Herbie Hancock" was recorded live at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York, and it features reigning jazz giant pianist Eddie Palmieri and trumpeter Randy Brecker. The recording includes classic Hancock tunes like "Cantaloupe Island," "Watermelon Man" and "Maiden Voyage." The arrangements were provided by Herwig and pianist Bill O'Connell.
Levenson states, "As a winning trombonist and writer, Conrad has forged a franchise with a unique creative vision. The Idea of reimagining jazz compositions is an age-old tradition among interpretive artists. In this case Conrad "latinizes" one of our greatest jazz figures, adding to his considerable canon his best album yet."

Track Information:
1. Oliloqui Valley
2. One Finger Snap
3. Butterfly
4. The Sorcerer
5. Maiden Voyage
6. Cantaloupe Island
7. Watermelon Man

For further information please contact:

Antje Hübner, Press


Mike Carlson, Radio Promotion


Donna Ross, Retail


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