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In Remembrance of: Benjamin Henry, Eva Burrell, Eric Paul Jackson, Bertha Smith, Leon Guitry, Jackie Hall
By Richard Henry on may 01, 2011

A Momentary Lapse Of Reason/Upcoming Exhibition May 19th -June 19th, 2011

Beginning May 19th -- June 19th, Maya Hed will present her solo photography exhibition, which captures exclusive pictures of extraordinary jazz artists from all over the world, during the sound check in opera houses and jazz clubs where the artists experience very intimate, secluded and unique moments.

In this intimate series the viewer can experience through the photographic medium, the vivid expressive force of jazz music, echoed by the photographs that enable us to "listen" with our eyes.

Further, after enduring the black and white photography documentation of jazz music over the past years, Maya’s fresh approach presents a large amount of photographs in color in the belief that emotions and stage life, come to light better in her colorful menagerie outlook.

The camera leads us behind the scenes with such luminaries as Stefano Bollani who overwhelmed Italian jazz culture, Tony Pancella who is a very important figure in Italian Jazz, and Nicola Stilo who played with one of jazz’s greatest artists, the notorious Chet Baker and many more.


photography by Shira Raz

Maya Hed was born and raised in Los Angeles and moved to Israel in the late 90’s, where she studied at The Kiryat Ono College of Photography. Maya specializes in photography of the arts, focusing on music and fashion. She enjoys taking portraits and seeks to create a sense of freedom and relaxation for the viewer. Her photographs beam with life and creativity and generate intrigue.

Her photography transcends space and time taking the viewer through an emotional journey of positive feelings. Maya’s goal is to express her point of view and passion for life through her photos while giving the viewer a glimpse into her world.

Past Exhibitions:

On The Warm Sand at the National Maritime Museum in Haifa. January 2007.

Exhibition Curator: Avraham Eilat.

60 Year Anniversary Exhibition at the University of Basel and moving around Basel, 2007.

Exhibition Curator: Yoram Wienberg.

PCK Group Exhibition at the College of Photography Kiryat-Ono, July-August 2008.

Exhibition Curator’s: Noa Ben-Nun Melamed, Naomi Leshem.

Photography Of Maya Head

Tony Pancella(Italy), The Israeli Opera Tel Aviv-Yaffo,2009 Wessell Anderson (U.S), Rosario Giuliani(Italy) Robert Anchipolovsky(Russia Israel) The Israeli Opera Tel Aviv-Yaffo, 2010 Tokunbo Akinro(Germany), The Israeli Opera Tel Aviv-Yaffo, 2009
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