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In Remembrance of: Benjamin Henry, Eva Burrell, Eric Paul Jackson, Bertha Smith, Leon Guitry, Jackie Hall

"Great site Richard! Thanks for all the reviews and links."
- Eric Bolvin, jazz trumpeter, author, arranger, composer, educator,

"World wide jazz is a very important new jazz site where everyone can find valuable information about cds, jazz artists, books and even learning material. It's a great site!"
- Yair Loewenson, jazz bassist, composer, educator,

"It's great to have a site like World Wide Jazz. Richard Henry has a real heart and soul for not just mainstream but experimental and new jazz. That takes big ears, which Henry has in abundance."
- Bruce Arnold, jazz guitarist, author, composer, educator, arranger,

"Thanks to Richard Henry for having this new amazing resource!"
- Norberto Tamburrino, jazz pianist, composer, arranger,


"Richard Henry's World Wide Jazz website is a great resource for all things jazz from CDs and DVDs, to interviews and reviews with some of most revered jazz musicians in the country. The site serves as an integral branch of the jazz community on the web by uniting jazz fans and furthering appreciation for jazz. World Wide Jazz provides instant information on current jazz topics and related media. Richard Henry has done a fabulous job creating an accessible web page for jazz fans that serves a pillar to the virtual jazz community."
-Tyson Ailshie, jazz bassist, educator, composer,

"World Wide Jazz is an endless resource for reviews, links and today's up and coming jazz artists. Mr. Henry has really out done him self!"
- Antwon Owens, jazz drummer, educator, composer,

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